Ultimaker S5
Ultimaker S5
Ultimaker S5

Ultimaker S5

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Ultimaker 10 Years Anniversary
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  • Ultimaker S5 facilitates prints for advanced applications
  • An uncomplicated & reliable 3D printer
  • Developed with the best features

The Ultimaker S5 is a complete production system you can depend on in the office or studio. With advanced features to ensure a reliable printing experience, it’s still simple to use thanks to its award-winning touch interface and seamless software integration.

The Ultimaker S5 features next-generation reliability. Its advanced active leveling, stiffer build platform, heated build plate, and more accurate stepper drivers result in the highest print quality of a machine in this form factor. And dual filament flow sensors notify you if you run out of material.

Build volume & Result
The large build volume of 330 x 240 x 300 millimeters allows you to print new larger components or more components on a build plate. Extensive tests of print profiles with Add:north materials in the Ultimaker Cura slicer guarantees top-class results.

Complex parts
The dual printheads in the Ultimaker S5 make it possible to print in two materials or two colors. Print in Nylon, PETG or PLA, combined with support materials to produce complex parts with a superb surface finish, or a soft and a hard material in combination.

Doors & Build plate
The glass front door with magnetic lock helps control the airflow in the printer, which improves print quality and reliability, while increasing security. A glass build plate is included.

Hassle free filament sensor
The Ultimaker S5 detects if the material runs out and needs to be refilled during printing. The printer then pauses a job and notifies you so you can refill. Then it continues the printing process, seamlessly and efficiently.

Improved calibration for better adhesive
A good first layer is the key to a successful print. It requires a calibrated build plate. The reading sensor in the printhead scans more points than before on the build plate and compensates for minimal variations by adjusting the Z-axis when printing the first layers. The result is perfect prints, over and over again.

Easy change of print head
Changing the Print Core takes a few seconds. Choose from 0.8mm for fast printing, down to 0.25mm for super fine details. The Ultimaker S5 is compatible with the Print Core CC Red for printing with abrasive materials.

Solutions to facilitate your needs
The new Touch-Screen makes handling smooth. Settings are displayed as images and you can preview your prints. To simplify installation in different environments, the power supply is now mounted inside the printer.

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2,85 mm

Printing temperature

Up to 280°C


Open filament system

Heatup Time

<2 min

Build Volume

XYZ: 330 x 240 x 300 mm


WiFi, Ethernet, USB

Print Speed

<24 mm3/s

Optimized for

X-PLA, HT-PLA, E-PLA, Textura™, Adura™ X, Rigid X, PETG, ESD-PETG, Adamant S1, OBC, TPU, Koltron


Built-In Webcam

Layer Resolution

0,25 mm nozzle: 150-60 micron
0,4 mm nozzle: 200-20 micron
0,6 mm nozzle: 300-20 micron
0,8 mm nozzle: 600-20 micron